Obtained vegan certification

As a global environmental issue, activities to reduce CO2 emissions from livestock and save people suffering from hunger are spreading worldwide.That's exactly one of the factors that vegetarians and vegans want.At our company, we have obtained vegan certification by "NPO Veggie Project Japan", and we have drawn out abundant safe and secure fruit scents without using any synthetic coloring agents or fragrances, and carefully finished it according to vegan standards. We have developed ice cream and soft serve ice cream that are kind to the global environment.
Nowadays, the diversifying lifestyles of health and beauty are being reviewed.Enjoy the four flavor(strawberry, banana, Hyuganatsu, almond) with soy milk ice cream to your heart's content.

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Product development for vegans

We will actively promote the development of vegan products as OEM.If you want to obtain vegan certification for a newly developed product, we will take care of necessary items such as raw material certification and process chart.We recommend that vegan-compatible sweet treat be added to the menu as an option not only at vegan specialty stores but also at restaurants such as cafes, restaurants, and taverns.When vegetarians and vegans are seated with general, they are in trouble if there is nothing to eat from the menu.Make the most of C&G Miyazaki's ice-cream as a sweet treat.

Certification body 1 series 30,000 yen ・ Our application fee 30,000 yen per product (separate development fee)

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