Provision of Ingredients

  • Please send over 3-5kg of ingredients for development use. ※We can also help source for the ingredients.
  • 10-15 cups of 1-2 flavours of 90ml cup ice cream (ingredient contents ratio: 20-40%) will be delivered as the trial products.
  • For the development of soft serve, the trial product is usually made as an ice cream (the soft serve version tastes better).
  • If there is food sampling event held in Miyazaki Prefecture, the soft serve will be available for sampling via our mobile catering van soft serve machine.

After Sampling, Review for Improvement

  • If there are any points for improvement, we will re-make the trial product (with adjustments of milk fat or sugar level etc.) and deliver 10-15 cups for a second review.
  • We also provide advice on purchase and lease of related equipment and machinery.
  • We conduct repeat reviews inclusive of sales strategies.
  • If there is a need for bacteria or food quality testing by the authorities, actual expenses will be charged.
  • If labels (Covers, Ingredients Listing) are not provided, there will be additional charges.

Trial Production Fees

  • JP¥30,000-50,000 (only for trial production of 1 flavour, the recipe will not be handed over)

Ice cream Order Units (1 Lot) (OEM / PB)

With the provision of 3-5kg of ingredients, 1 lot can be produced. (The quantity may be lesser due to the ingredients.)

Vol.Contents Qty in 1 Lot Unit Price (Tax Excl.) List Price(Tax Excl.) Delivery Units
90ml 210~240 pcs JP¥150~180 JP¥250~300 4-5 Cases
(48 pcs per case)
120ml 150~170pcs JP¥160~190 JP¥250~300 3 Cases
(48 pcs per case)

4L Commercial Ice Cream

For 1 production lot of commercial ice cream, it is 4 -5 tubs, 4000ml each. The delivery units are 2-3 cases (2 tubs per case).

Around 40 flavours of Contracted OEM/PB Products

Our standard product lineup (under our brand name C&G) consists of around 15 flavours of cup ice cream, commercial ice cream & soft serve mixes. For non OEM/PB purchase orders, please kindly contact us. We deliver in small lots for our standard products.

Product Type Vol. Contents Remarks Delivery Units
Cup Ice Cream 90ml〜120ml   2 Cases
(48 pcs per case)
Commercial Ice Cream 4L   2 Cases
(2 tubs per case)
Soft Serve Mix 900ml〜950ml As the plastic bottles used can be stored frozen, there may be some differences in volume contents due to expansion of the mix. 1 Case
(15 bottles per case)

Example: Strawberry Soft Serve Mix

Sherbet Type with contents ratio of 35% Strawberry (Also available with milk & egg added)

Strawberry, Yellow Soft Sugar, Isomaltooligosaccharide, Lemon Juice, Emulsifier, Stabilizer (Polysaccharide Thickener)

Sales Example:
1 bottle JP¥1220 (tax excl.) = about 10 cone servings(JP¥122/1 serving)
List Price JP¥300~380(tax incl.) × 10 servings=JP¥3000〜3800(profit ratio of 50% or more)

Main Vendors

These are all premium handmade ice creams. By serving seasonal soft serve to our customers, we hope they can delight in experiencing new tastes.

Product Names Vendors
ゴーヤアイス・ソフト スパランド裸・楽・良 鹿児島市郡山町
スイートコーンソフト (有)赤坂 宮崎県川南町
はちみつアイス・ソフト (有)西澤養蜂場 宮崎市高岡町
ほうじ茶・煎茶・抹茶アイス (有)夢茶房 宮崎県新富町
完熟マンゴーアイス 道の駅 なんごう 宮崎県日南市
塩ソフト・にがりアイス 道の駅 北浦 宮崎県延岡市
伊勢えびソフト 道の駅 かまえ 大分県佐伯市
ごぼうソフト 道の駅 ゆーぱるのじり 宮崎県野尻町
栗ソフト 道の駅 日之影 宮崎県日之影町
完熟きんかんソフト レイクランド西郷温泉 宮崎県日向市
夏イチゴ・釜炒り茶ソフト 高千穂物産館 がまだせ市場 宮崎県高千穂町
日向夏・へべすソフト 東京新宿宮崎物産館KONNE 東京都新宿区
五ヶ瀬夏イチゴソフト 五ヶ瀬物産館(観光協会) 宮崎県五ヶ瀬町
高千穂釜炒り茶ソフト 宮崎空港1Fカフェパーム 宮崎市宮崎空港
みかんソフト 道の駅 都農 宮崎県都農町
桃ジェラート・次郎柿ソフト 道の駅 はゆま 宮崎県北川町

Dairy Products Development Timeline

2008 Development of shaved ice sauces, made from real fruits, with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives (Strawberry, Hyuganatsu, Matcha, etc)
2009 Confitures (Green Tea, Mango, Kumquat,Grape,Ginger, Rose etc.)
2010 Development of Baked Sweet Potato Soft Serve using Miyazaki Ōtsuka sweet potatoes, and Kamairicha Soft Serve (under house brand C&G) [Takachiho Gamadase Market]
2011 Development of Plum Butter & Plum Soft Serve [Saito Taimatsu Soukensya]
2012 Rose Soft Serve & Rose Caramel [Miyazaki Kotsu Kodomo-no–kuni]
2013 Development of Gokase Wine Ice Cream (with & without alcohol) [Gokase Tourism Association]
2014 Beer Ice cream was launched at Beer Market Base, the world beer speciality bar.
2015 Started regular sales of ice cream (9 flavours made from Miyazaki local produce), soft serve ( 2 flavours) at Singapore Isetan
2016 Development of Soya Ice Cream using local variety of soya bean from the University of Miyazaki, with plans to launch sales of commercial soya ice cream in collaboration with the University of Miyazaki
2016 Starting trial sales of collaborative products using local Vietnam fruits through Minh Tran Co.,Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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