Using agricultural and livestock products grown and raised with great care by local farmers, we make reliable and safe products which bring out the best in the ingredients, without any use of artificial flavours or colourings.

Product Specialties

  • We always use fresh milk delivered from local contracted dairy farms.
    (When there is high-quantity production, we source our milk from Kumamoto Dairy Co-Operative Association Kumamoto Plant)
  • No artificial colourings or flavourings used.
  • We use Sanontou (Japanese yellow soft sugar) and oligosaccharide as the sugars in our products.
  • We use Chitosan oligosaccharide as the emulsifier in our products.

Product Introduction

Cup Ice Cream

We have developed and produced approximately 50 flavours of cup ice cream so far, and would like to introduce and recommend the following ice cream flavours. These 9 flavours are currently being exported to supermarkets in Singapore.
Milk (Plain), Yuzu, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Purple Sweet Potato, Salt, Black Sesame, Matcha, Chocolate.

Commercial Ice Cream

Commercial Ice Cream comes in tubs of 4 litres each and is ideal as a dessert for cafes, restaurants, Izakayas and drinking establishments etc. Not just in Japan, we also are supplying our Yuzu ice cream to a Japanese restaurant in Singapore, where it is included as part of their course menu. At home in Miyazaki, our Beer ice cream served at the local beer speciality bar is very popular with the customers. We can develop and produce new ice cream flavours with most food ingredients.

Soft Serve Mix

Soft Serve Mix comes in bottles of 950 ml each. Soft serve ice cream served fresh from the freezer machine is more delicious than the regular ice cream, and can be more profitable. In Japan, flavours made from Miyazaki local produce such as Hyuganatsu, Ripe Mango, Chestnut, Strawberry, Kamairicha are popular. While in Singapore, the Milk (Plain), Yuzu, Strawberry and Plum flavours are available and selling well. We are also exporting our Milk (Plain) Soft Serve Mix to Vietnam, where it will be served blended with the local Vietnam fruits.

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