Creating original ice cream & soft serve that brings out the best in the ingredients.

Did you know that… (Rose Ice Cream)

At the Rose Garden in Miyazaki Kotsu Kodomo-no –kuni, the Rose Soft Serve is exclusively available only during the Rose Festival.

It is made using damask roses grown organically in Nitawaki Rose Garden, Miyazaki City. The elegant harmony of milk and roses creates a refined deliciousness with the natural fragrance of roses.

When developing this ice cream, rather than using existing oils and extracts on the market, it was made using original extractions of fragrance and colouring from rose petals.

Photo Credits: Kodomo-no -kuni

Photo Credits: Kodomo-no -kuni

Did you know that… (Beer Ice Cream)

You can find Miyazaki Craft Beer ice cream at Beer Market Base, the beer bar in Miyazaki City where you can taste beers from all over the world.

The maximisation of the hop aroma within the bitterness matches perfectly with the creamy sweetness, and it is gaining popularity amongst the female customers…! What a moment of ultimate bliss it is to enjoy beer ice cream in a beer bar. There is no alcohol content, so it is also safe for those who can’t drink.


Did you know that… (Hyuganatsu Soft Serve)

At “Shochu Izakaya Toritomi” where you can enjoy Miyazaki City’s famous charcoal grilled chicken, you can also find Hyuganatsu soft serve.

Even for those prefer dry sake, it is an ideal after-drinks dessert with its refreshing taste which comes from the Hyuganatsu juice generously used.

Hyuganatsu is a mandarin orange found only in Miyazaki. It is an interesting orange as the fruit and the white pithy flesh are eaten together with only the outer skin thinly peeled. It is rare even in Japan to find a citrus soft serve which does not use any artificial colouring and flavouring.

Soft serve ice cream is different from regular ice cream. The machine should always be completely emptied and heat sterilized after closing. We are confident in our products and our countermeasures against changes in colour or taste due to heat.


Media Features

We were featured on Fuji Television Network’s news program “Tokudane”.

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