C&G MIYAZAKI delivers "genuine" from Kyushu for your tomorrow's health

We will be using agricultural and livestock products carefully raised by local farmers and dairy farmers as raw materials. We will make health-conscious products with natural flavors and colors without using extras such as flavor and synthetic coloring agents.We identify and select "genuine" and connect it to our tomorrow's health while preserving "food safety"

Everyone can eat with confidence We are aiming to make such food products

We are also developing products for vegetarians and vegans so that more people can enjoy ice cream with peace of mind.「Everyone can eat with confidence」 We are aiming to make such food products.

What is product development for vegans?

The vegetarian and vegan population is growing globally due to the growing interest in global environmental issues.We have obtained vegan certification for strawberries, bananas, Hyuganatsu (citrus fruit), almonds, and soy milk on our company products.We will sell it on HP soon. Please contact us for OEM.* We are developing low-carbohydrate products that are gentle to the body and aim to suppress the rise in blood sugar levels.

Only for you Custom-made ice cream

Appeal your shop with ice cream by local special ingredient

C&G Miyazaki manufacture PB・OEM development of soft serve ice cream, ice cream and dairy products.We will only use natural materials to create health-conscious products by using agricultural and livestock products carefully raised by local farmers and dairy farmers as raw materials without additional additive flavors and synthetic coloring agents.Prototype fee 40,000-60,000 yen (as of December 2020) We will develop ice cream and dairy products with low cost and small lot.Please check the details of production flow, price, etc. from the application here:


OEM / Product Development Handling Items

Soft serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream made with a soft serve freezer is more delicious than ice cream and can be expected to have a lot of profit margins.The order lot is a 950ml per bottle, with 15 bottles per case and can be stored frozen.

ice cream

We have developed and manufactured about 150 types of ice cream flavors.It is ideal as a dessert for restaurants, cafes, taverns, etc. It can be promote in any cuisine.We also offering a variety of Monaka Ice Cream options (ice cream between two thin crisp wafers).

All sorts of dairy products

Please feel free to contact us for anything related to dairy products other than ice/soft cream, such as fruit sauce, ice cream sauce, confiture (jam), fruit butter, fruit caramel, etc.

Vegan products

Vegan ice cream and vegan soft serve. Each vegan ice/soft cream will be carefully prepared according to the global environmental-friendly vegan standards. Please leave it to us for the vegan certification developed product.

We also have our regular product

We also have our regular product (C & G brand) , so If you would like to purchase other than OEM / PB, please contact us.