Only for you Custom-made ice cream

Appeal your shop with ice cream by local special ingredient

C&G Miyazaki manufacture PB・OEM development of soft serve ice cream, ice cream and dairy products.We will only use natural materials to create health-conscious products by using agricultural and livestock products carefully raised by local farmers and dairy farmers as raw materials without additional additive flavors and synthetic coloring agents.Prototype fee 40,000-60,000 yen (as of December 2020) We will develop ice cream and dairy products with low cost and small lot.Please check the details of production flow, price, etc. from the application here


Encounter toward new tastes and excitement experience

All are handmade premium ice cream. By providing seasonal soft serve ice cream to customers, you can experience the encounter and excitement of new flavors.

Bring-Your-Own & Selection of Ingredients

Please send 3kg-5kg of development ingredient
※We can also prepare ingredients at our side

We will make 10 to 15 pieces of 90 ml ice cream (ingredient content 20 to 40%) of 1 to 2 types and deliver them.

If you have a soft serve ice cream freezer, we will deliver it as a soft mix (raw material).

If you hold a tasting party in Miyazaki prefecture, you can use our catering car's soft serve ice cream freezer to have a tasting of soft serve ice cream.

Tasting and Review Improvements

Basically we make with ice cream (If you have a soft serve ice cream freezer, we make it with a mix

Deliver 1 to 2 types, 10 to 15 pieces in 90 ml cup ice cream in 10 to 14 days

Taste it, and if there are any improvements, we make again and deliver it.
(※Up to 3 re-trial limits, shipping charges will be charged from the 3rd time, and additional trial fees will be charged after the 4th time.)

Once the product is decided, we will inform the quotation, raw material name, nutritional components, etc.

Please prepare the design and seal of the cup lid (we can prepare it. payment required)

We will give you advice on marketing, machine purchase and the lease.

Prototype fee

Price per material. 40,000 yen in Miyazaki prefecture, 60,000 yen outside the prefecture, consultation required overseas. (As of December 2020.)
(* Detailed recipes other than raw material names cannot be taught.)

The production lot is about 200 to 230 pieces in a 90 ml cup, and 160 to 190 pieces in 120 ml.(The air content varies depending on the material and type.)

The soft serve ice cream mix is a 950 ml per bottle (made into a plastic bottle so that it can be frozen) and contains 15 bottles per case.

Please contact us for commercial 2L / 4L / Monaka Ice-Cream and vegan products.