Corporate Philosophy

  • Using agricultural and livestock products grown and raised with great care by local farmers, we make healthy products which retain the natural flavours and colours of the ingredients, without use of any artificial flavours or colourings.
  • We aspire to build a bridge to a better future health for all, while ascertaining and choosing the Genuine Article, and conserving Food Safety.

C&G Miyazaki LLC

Within Japan, as an OEM and PB, using local produce we develop and supply ice cream & soft serve to various road stations and local produce businesses. We also actively engage in business talks in South-east Asia, and started exporting to Singapore and Vietnam. We strive every moment to achieve our dream that children worldwide can enjoy our ice cream.

Development & Planning・Wholesaler・Domestic・Foreign Events Business

3-7-8 Otsubohigashi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki.


Development Coordinator Michiharu Yamaguchi

  • Vegetable Sommelier (Miyazaki Prefecture 1st Cohort)
  • Green Tourism Instructor
  • Food Education Instructor
  • Miyazaki College of Cooking & Confectionery Food Education Instructor
  • Chef Licensee

C&G Ice Creamery

An earnest craftsman, Tsutae Fujiwara has worked many years in dairy products manufacturing, and accumulated much experience in the production and product development departments. He works hard at development with the aim of making the world’s best ice cream. That mouthful of pure delight upon first taste says it all for his refusal to compromise on quality.

Craftsman:  Tsutae Fujiwara

Craftsman: Tsutae Fujiwara

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